My internship in MONTIS - Jelena

With a heavy heart I will leave MONTIS at the end of January. As a German intern, I was
able to learn a lot during the last five months for my environmental monitoring studies.

Especially in forest management and in the fight against invasive species I was able to gain a
lot of technical and practical experience. When I started working at the end of August, I got to
be part of many activities that helped with invasive species mitigation. I also gained insight
into the structure of the landscape and special species by participating in walks organized by

When fall started and so did the planting season, I helped organizing activities and helped

I was very grateful to be a part of some seminars, for example about invasive species.

One of my personal highlights were the two walks with specialists on mushrooms and
mosses. I learned a lot about different species and their habitat requirements. 

Now at the end, I can say that I really enjoyed my time at MONTIS, I learned a lot about myself, my studies, and a new culture. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will come back.

Jelena Schulz - MONTIS intern from Dresden University